Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ugh, Poor Air Quality Again

We really don't like to keep kids in for indoor recess.  We believe it is important to get out and play.  However, the air quality has been pretty bad recently, with smoke from a variety of forest fires trapped in the Treasure Valley.  We typically stay inside for indoor recess when the air quality is at level red (Unhealthy).  It is looking like today will probably be at level red all or most of the day.  

We will go back outside if the current air quality improves to yellow or orange.  If your child has respiratory problems please let our nurse know if you want them to be kept inside, even when the air improves to level orange.

Here are the sites we use to monitor air quality.
  • - This gives a general overview for the whole region.  
  • - I'm pretty geeky, so I like to look at the current raw data from the closest measuring stations.  The closest one to us is in Nampa. 
Just a geeky note: The yellow and green dot on this map come from stations that measure different air quality data.  The bad ones right now are small particulates.  Those stations just don't measure small particulates.  The yellow and green dots make it look like the air is better there.  It isn't.  They just aren't measuring the most important thing right now.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.