Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sacajawea’s Santa’s Workshop

Every year, our students get the opportunity to experience the wonderful feeling of giving to others.  Each child in the school gets to pick out two presents to give to other family members.  After picking from donated items, volunteers wrap the presents for them.  The children have a look of joy and pride as they carry their wrapped presents.  

Thank you to Tish Rice, for organizing and overseeing this year’s Santa’s Workshop, and to the many parent and community members that helped her.  Thank you also to Vickie Jones and the students and families at Cole Valley Christian School for collecting donations for this event.  It is so appreciated that our students have this great opportunity.  #Generosity

Santa Sleigh Races!

How do you keep students excited for Christmas engaged in your lesson?  Why have Santa Sleigh Races!  Mr. Thomas set up a track in the gym and let the students have races during their P.E. time.  The students loved them and they got lots of physical activity!  Good thinking, Mr. Thomas!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The First Grade Students See “The Nutcracker!”

On December 6th the first grade students traveled to Jewitt Auditorium to see “The Nutcracker!”  Some had never been to a live performance and some had never even ridden a bus before.  The looks of joy on their faces as they watched the performance was priceless!  It was fun seeing them jump when the cannon went off.  They represented Sacajawea Elementary well and they made their teachers proud with their excellent manners and behavior!  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

First Graders Study Earth Science!

The first grade students at Sacajawea Elementary have been learning about the history of the Earth.  They have listened to stories about it, done experiments, and learned lots of great vocabulary.  Some of the experiments included making tops to understand how the earth rotates on an axis, making the layers of the earth out of clay, building volcanoes and exploding them, digging “fossil” (chocolate chips) out of cookies, and making fossil imprints.  It has been a fun and an educational experience for all of our wonderful first grade students!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Donate to Santa's Workshop

Season Greetings!
Only 17 days until Santa’s Workshop kicks off!  Donations are still needed in order for each child to choose 2 gifts for their loved ones.

Items can be new or gently used.
No clothes or heavy items children cannot carry home.
Items can range from household objects, home decor, dad-friendly items, toys (for siblings), ornaments, kitchen items, and or anything that you think a child would choose for a family member to brighten their Christmas Day.

We would greatly appreciate any donations to meet the goal of 2 gifts per child.

If you want to donate, there are donation barrels in the front lobby of the school.  Also, you can drop donations off at the Sacajawea office counter.
Want to get involved or volunteer?  Contact Tish Rice.  Her email or you can get her phone number by calling the SAC office or by emailing any of the SAC office staff.

Sometimes groups of people at work like to find a place to donate for the holidays. If so, this is a good way.  It helps our kids make someone else's day by showing them they are loved. Pass the word along.

The Sacajawea PTO