Sunday, August 30, 2015

C of I- Football and Storytime

Sac students got a special treat when football players from the College of Idaho came to read to them. Students and staff across the school wore purple in support of the Yotes and the upcoming first football game of the season.

First Grade-Shaking up Math

First Grade was working with the number six and finding all the ways 6 can be made. The students were given 6 beans that had two different colored sides. First they shake the beans and then roll them on the floor. Next they count how many of each color they rolled. Then they graph their findings to show which number sets were rolled the most. The students had a blast and were disappointed when they had to leave the activity.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Family Math Night is Coming!

Save The Date!!

Thursday, September 17
Pizza will be served

*Games and strategies to help your children with their Math homework*

Monday, August 24, 2015

First Grade Scientists

On Friday, all the first-grade classes participated in a science experiment. Before beginning the experiment, each student from Mrs. Saunders class had to write a prediction in their writer's notebook as to what he or she thought would happen. After the experiment was completed, the class discussed and shared their predictions.
For the experiment, each student had a capsule and they dropped it into the cup of water. When the capsule dissolved, a sponge creature appeared. Each class had a different set of animals. Mrs. Saunders' class had Ocean animals to match the theme of her classroom.

Fourth Grade- Tower Building Teamwork

Fourth grade did daily team building activities for the first week of school. Students had 18 minutes, 1yd of string, 1 yd of tape, 20 sticks of spaghetti, and 1 large marshmallow. The goal was to build the tallest freestanding tower.

Third Grade Teamwork

A large focus of third-grade for the first few days of school was teamwork. Each teacher had lessons in their classrooms that required students to work together to solve problems. One of those lessons was Save Fred. Students had to work together only using 4 paper clips to get a gummy worm off the top of a cup, pulled through a life-saver, and then put inside of the cup.


The third-grade teachers finished the week by pulling all the third-grade students together for two large team building activities. In the first exercise students stood on sheets that they pretended were magic carpets that were taking them on an adventure. The objective of the activity was to turn the sheets over without stepping off the sheets. It was amazing to see how well they worked together.

The students also had a chance to pretend to be first-mates on a large ship. They had to work together to follow orders and practice their listening skills.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dress Code Refresher

With many families doing school shopping, we thought it would be helpful to use pictures to show what is allowed in our Caldwell School District dress code.  Hopefully this helps. Use the arrows below the slides to flip through the pages.

The official policy #509 can be found at this document and is summarized in our handbook on page 13.