Thursday, February 20, 2014

CAP College Videos

CAP Students -

Our learning goal today is:
  • To help you imagine yourself in a college setting.
Your Jobs:
  1. Watch a few videos from my list about attending various colleges and about different college experiences. I will tell you when your time is done for exploring.
    • I want to see you ask yourself questions.
    • I want to see your imagination running.
    • I want to see you begin to build dreams.
  2. Go to this online board and post one comment about how you connected to the videos.
    • Link to Padlet Board
    • What video or story did you most relate to? Which one meant the most to you? 
    • You may also write a question you have.
    • Please just write one complete sentence and then your initials.

Padlet Comments from Students (We only had a couple minutes to write)