Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fourth Grade "Adopts" a Soldier

Meet Patrick! 4th Grade's "Adopted Soldier." Patrick is a 21-year-old engineer for the Army, currently stationed in Kuwait and being forward deployed to Iraq soon. Students write letters to Patrick, send crafts, and also care package items he could use (like Q-tips, toothpaste, etc). Patrick has been such a wonderful resource for learning and really bringing a new appreciation to our students for what our soldiers are doing overseas! 

Students have also been able to email him questions about college, the war, and military duties. Last week, all 84 students were able to sit in on a Skype session and see and talk to Patrick! They asked questions, laughed a bit, and both parties spirits were brightened!

If anyone would like to donate money (for items or shipping) or small non-perishable items for Patrick, please talk to one of the 4th-grade teachers or send the item(s) to school with your student. We send care packages once per month. He and his platoon are very grateful for all of the support and words of encouragement!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Sing Along

Sacajawea's Annual Christmas Sing Along

Thursday, December 17


Come enjoy Kindergartners dancing, the Orchestra playing, stories being read, and most importantly beautiful singing from our Sacajawea students.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Santa's Workshop Starting Tomorrow

Sacajawea Parents -
Santa's workshop is coming up in the next couple days.  Students get an opportunity to buy up to two gifts for their family members .  Gifts are 50 cents each and they can buy up to two of them.  Students can bring $1 on their day.  Students should check with their teacher about which day they are signed up.  Most classes will "shop" at Santa's Workshop on Wednesday or Thursday but some are signed up for Friday.

This is a great chance for our kids to show kindness to the people they care about.

Thanks to PTO for supporting our students.
Sacajawea padres -
El taller de Santa está viniendo en los próximos días y pueden comprar regalos por miembros de su familia. Los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de comprar hasta dos regalos por 50 centavos cada uno. Los estudiantes pueden traer $ 1 en su día. Los estudiantes deben consultar con su maestro acerca de qué día se inscribieron. La mayoría de las clases se "ir de compras" en el taller de Santa el miércoles o el jueves, pero algunos están apuntado a viernes.

Esta es una gran oportunidad para que nuestros estudiantes demuestran el amor a la familia que les importa.

First Grade Penguin Experts

First graders are studying penguins. We are learning about their life cycle, habitats, predators and their prey. Students were given the challenge of putting a set of pictures into the correct order of the Penguin's life cycle. They had a great time along with great discussions. First Graders are waddling and rocking the learning this year.