Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Comes Early For Sacajawea 3rd Graders

On Thursday, December 18th our third grade students received a special visit from their own personal "Santas," who delivered books and giant smiles.  High school senior, Lia Rehman, president of the Boise High School History Club, along with another member of the club, Aleysa Orr, came to pass out the books their club had helped to buy for the students.  Lia said the History Club wanted to encourage students to read more and believed providing them with books they loved to read would do this.  Through their fundraising efforts each 3rd grader at Sacajawea was able to order a book they wanted to read.

Thanks to these generous students from Boise High School and to the other members of their history club.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

5th Grade - Kindergarten Christmas Crafts With Buddies

Mrs. Sousa's 5th graders joined Ms. Carhart's kindergartners for Christmas crafts and reading.  Tons of fun.
Way to go, Skyhawks.  We are proud of you.

Orchestra in The Hall - It's Christmas at Sacajawea

One of the joys of the Christmas season for me is seeing our 5th grade orchestra play in the halls at Sacajawea.  We are so proud of our kids.  It makes it even more fun that it is such an unconventional venue, the convergence of 3 halls in front of the office, with the audience packed in on the floor.  Thanks Mrs. Rosandick and our orchestra students.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fundraiser Orders Ready to Pick Up - Dec 17th 3pm to 7pm

The fundraising orders are here.  Products and prizes will be delivered tomorrow, December 17th between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  No orders will be sent home after school with students.  Parents must pick them up.  If you can't come during those times please arrange for someone to pick up your order for your.  We don't have storage room for all the frozen items at school.

Please deliver the orders as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support.

Las ordenes de funcion para recaudar fondos han llegado.  Las ordenes y los premios seran enviados a la escuela el 17 de Diciembre, entre los 3 y los 7 de la tarde.  No mandaremos las ordenes a casa con los estudiantes.  Los padres seran responsable de recojer las ordenes.  Si por alguna razon usted no pueden recojer las ordenes durante estas horas, por favor envie a otra persona que pueda recojerlas por usted.  La escuela no tiene espacio para guardar sus ordenes.  Por favor, entregar los ordenes de inmediato.

Gracias y le agradecemos su apoyo!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sacajawea Runners - Earn Money for PE Equipment - The Mayor's Challenge

Sacajawea Elementary School students are one of the most active groups of kids in the Treasure Valley. During the month of October, we accepted the Mayor’s walking and running challenge. As a school, we ran about 2600 miles on our “Skyhawk Trail.” While our students run and walk laps on the trail before school and at recess, our staff help them tally their laps by punching their lap cards each time they pass the start. Our PE teacher, Mr. Thomas, collects those lap cards from each classroom and tallies them in a spreadsheet each week.

Every time a student completes 5 miles they get a little foot charm to put on a chain around their neck. Some students have collected dozens of those feet. Just during the month of October, we had seven 4th graders complete more than 40 miles. We had some 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders close behind with more than 25 miles each during the month.

Mayor Nancolas and Connor Sheldon from the Blue Cross Foundation of Idaho presented the school with a check for $500 to be used for PE equipment. Fittingly enough, the ceremony was held on a chilly December morning outdoors on our “Skyhawk Trail.” Our kids don’t just run in October. They run all year long. Some of our staff and parents get out there and put in a few laps too. Some of our most consistent runners accepted the check on behalf of the school.

So, while many may decry the national epidemic of childhood obesity, the Sacajawea Skyhawks have found that walking or running a couple laps is a great way to start our day. We don’t do a whole lot of sitting around.

Here are some highlights from October, with a variety of grades represented.
  • Diana M. - 4th Simpson - 81 Miles 
  • Erick M. - 4th Stocks - 58 miles 
  • Luke M. - 4th Stocks- 53 miles 
  • Jonathan R. - 4th Simpson - 50 miles 
  • Fabian V. - 4th Stocks - 42 miles 
  • Ashley A. - 4th Stocks - 41 miles 
  • Julio T. - 4th Lovell - 40 miles 
  • Andrew M. - 4th Lovell - 40 miles 
  • Levi M. - 2nd Hoilien - 36 miles 
  • Jesus G. - 3rd Spivey - 34 miles 
  • Devanie G. - 3rd Spivey - 30 miles 
  • Jazmine A. - 2nd Hoilien - 28 miles 
  • Javier M. - 1st Friddle - 26 miles 
  • Ruben R. - 1st Miller - 26 miles (Since August) 
  • Aimee Stocks’ 4th Grade Class - 842 Miles 
  • Kristy Simpson’s 4th Grade Class - 426 miles 
  • Kelsey Lovell’s 4th Grade Class - 354 miles 
  • Pam Hoilien's 2nd Grade Class - 252 Miles 
  • Tami Burton's 2nd Grade Class - 237 Miles 
  • Mary Friddle’s 1st Grade Class - 155 Miles 
  • Ben Miller’s 1st Grade Class - 146 Miles 
All Skyhawks - 2688 miles in October
4200 miles since August

Mayor Nancolas Encourages Us To Be Active

80 miles in October

Walking with friends
Connor Sheldon of Blue Cross Foundation Presents Skyhawks with $500 check