Thursday, October 30, 2014

Help Sacajawea Support District Improvement

Sacajawea Parents and Guardians -

We have several opportunities to provide input to the district in the near future and to support major district improvement efforts.  If you would be willing to help represent the community of Sacajawea parents in meetings regarding things such as student dress code policy or regarding district improvement or funding efforts, please email me ( or call me (208-455-3333 x1437) at school.

Paul Webster

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Make a Splash Swimming Program at The Y

Our 3rd graders recently finished their "Make a Splash" swimming program at The Y in Caldwell.  What a great opportunity to learn a life skill, swimming.  Every 3rd grader in Caldwell gets the opportunity to have a full session of swimming lessons.  This year we went to lessons two days a week in September and October.  Thanks to our 3rd grade teachers, to the Caldwell Family YMCA staff and swim teachers, and to the generous funders of this fantastic program.

These pictures were taken on the final celebration day, after all of our lessons were done.  

4th Grade Boys - Service Project in Galveston St Park

These boys in Ms. Rehman's 4th grade group each wrote a piece about a project they could do in their neighborhood.  They wrote about different ways they could help other people.  They chose to do Jesus' project and clean up around the park on Galveston St in Caldwell last Tuesday.  Ms. Rehman met the boys and some of their family members down at the park after school and they worked to make our town a better place for kids.  Pictured above are Jonathan, Jesus, Jonatan, and German.  Thanks 4th grade boys.

School Lunch Coloring Contest Winners

Here are the winners of our National School Lunch coloring contest. Congratulations Sacajawea artists.  Their work is proudly displayed in our cafeteria.
  • 1st Place - Ebonie - Razor Scooter

Runners Up:
  • Elijah
  • Dalia
  • Kasandra
  • Dorian

Thursday, October 2, 2014

We Are Running and Walking - Help Needed

The Treasure Valley Mayor's have issued a challenge to see which school can run and walk the most in October (Link to Mayor's Challenge).  I'm pretty sure we are one of the most active schools almost every month.  With this challenge, which started yesterday, our Skyhawk Trail is full of runners and walkers.  Parents are walking too.  Come on out.  Our school did 110 miles just on October 1st.  Even the kindergartners were out there doing laps.  So much fun.  I'm proud of our kids (and our teachers and parents too).

The Problem:  We have soooo many kids running that we have long lines to get their card punched each lap.  If you'd love to just encourage kids to run or walk and punch a hole in their lap card, come sign up at the office.  Mr. Thomas can get a puncher for you and can point you in the right direction. Please help if you can from 8:20 to 8:53 or any time from 12:05 until 1:15. 
Kids waiting in line to get their card punched after each lap.

This morning Mr. Thomas set to tone with a great music mix as kids came around each lap. Several parents and teachers joined the fun.

If you want to come help or come walk or run with us please do.  Just sign in at the office and get a visitor badge first.