Friday, June 23, 2017

School Calendar for 2017-2018 School Year

The calendar for the 2017-2018 is available at this link: District Calendar 2017-2018

An important change you will notice on this calendar is that every Wednesday will be early release for students. Dismissal time will be 2:00.

The purpose for the early release time is to give teachers and staff an opportunity to take part in professional development, without having to be out of the classroom. Research indicates that this professional learning focused on effective teaching for learning has a bigger impact than almost any other strategy. The effect of "collective teacher efficacy" can be a powerful thing.

Other important dates to note:
1st day of school - August 15
Last day of school - May 24
Parent Teacher Conferences - September 21 & 22, February 15 & 16
Christmas break - December 25 - January 5

Community School at Sacajawea ~ Escuela de la Comunidad en Sacajawea

This spring you may have seen news about Sacajawea and the United Way of Treasure Valley and our new “Community Schools” project together (Links: Press-Tribune and Idaho Statesman). What is this all about?  [Artículo en Español abajo]

We join a network of many schools across the country in this set of strategies that are adapted for the specific barriers and resources in each school and in each community.

The Big Ideas:
1) Identify the most significant barriers between our students and families and success.
2) Identify the resources in our community that are already in place to help overcome these barriers. In many cases, there are already organizations, agencies, or individuals in our community focused on these barriers and much more qualified than we are.
3) Connect our students and families to the resources that already exist to help overcome their particular barriers. We have found in our needs assessment that many of our parents know they need help for their kids in one way or another, but they don’t know where to begin or the process is too complicated.  We can help with that.

Introducing Mrs. Hernandez:
Hortensia Hernandez is our new community school resource coordinator.  She is an employee of United Way, but spends most of her time at Sacajawea.  Her primary goals are to connect students and families with resources to help them break past the barriers between them and success.

During Mrs. Hernandez’ first month at Sacajawea, she has met with families, interviewed staff and reviewed surveys from teachers and parents that would allow her to see which barriers are most critical in the lives of our students and families.

She has identified five priorities to focus our community schools work: 

  1. Health (Behavioral, Mental, Dental, Vision, Medical)
  2. Academics and Learning
  3. Food and Clothing
  4. Transportation (Limits access to services in the community that help with other priority needs)
  5. Childcare (Limits access to services and help with other priority needs)

Now that these priorities have been identified, Mrs. Hernandez is gathering and developing connections to resources that directly impact these priorities. She is developing procedures for communication and to best operate as we head into the new school year.
The Sacajawea community, and the whole Caldwell community, has been given a great opportunity to grow and create a successful tomorrow by connecting our students and families with the resources they need to succeed. 
We cannot do this on our own. If you are interested in volunteering, participating in classes, or need to be connected to resources for your kids or family, please let us know.   

If you have questions or comments or would like more information, please contact us.
Ms. Hortensia Hernandez: 
School: 208-455-3333 ext. 1439 or 208-577-0616. 
Stop by and visit her in your community room located in the school. 
Hortensia and the family at Sacajawea Elementary look forward to working with you!


Escuela de la Comunidad en Sacajawea

Esta primavera puede haber visto noticias sobre Sacajawea y United Way del Valle del Tesoro y nuestro nuevo proyecto “Escuelas de la Comunidad” juntos (Enlaces: Press-Tribune y Idaho Statesman). ¿Qué es todo esto? 

Nos sumamos a una red de muchas escuelas en todo el país en este conjunto de estrategias que se adapten a las barreras y recursos específicos en cada escuela y en cada comunidad.
Las grandes ideas:
1) Identificar las barreras más significativas entre los estudiantes y las familias y el éxito.

2) Identificar los recursos en nuestra comunidad que ya están en su lugar para ayudar a superar estas barreras. En muchos casos ya existen organizaciones, organismos o individuos en nuestra comunidad que se enfocan en estas barreras y son mucho más calificados que nosotros.
3) Conectar nuestros estudiantes y sus familias a los recursos que ya existen para ayudar a superar sus barreras particulares. Hemos encontrado en nuestra evaluación de las necesidades que muchos de nuestros padres saben que necesitan ayuda para sus hijos de una manera o otra, pero que no saben por dónde empezar o el proceso es demasiado complicado. Podemos ayudar con eso.

Presentando La Señora Hernández:
Hortensia Hernández es nuestra nueva coordinadora de recursos de la escuela de la comunidad. Ella es un empleada de United Way, pero pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo en Sacajawea. Sus objetivos principales son conectar a estudiantes y familias con recursos para ayudar a romper las barreras entre ellos y el éxito.

Durante el primer mes de la Señora Hernández en Sacajawea se ha reunido con las familias, los/las maestros(as), el personal de la escuela  y ha revisado encuestas de los maestros y los padres, que le permitieran ver cuales barreras son las más críticas en la vida de nuestros estudiantes y sus familias.
Se ha identificado cinco prioridades para enfocar el trabajo de nuestras escuela de la comunidad: 

  1. Salud (comportamiento, mental, dental, visión, médica)
  2. Academia y aprendizaje
  3. Comida y ropa
  4. Transporte (límite de acceso a los servicios en la comunidad que ayuda con otras necesidades prioritarias)
  5. Cuidado infantil/Cuidado de niños(as)(limite el acceso a los servicios y ayuda con otras necesidades prioritarias)

 Ahora que estas prioridades se han identificado, la señora Hernández está reuniendo y desarrollando las conexiones a los recursos que impactan directamente estas prioridades. Ella está elaborando procedimientos para la comunicación y para operar de la mejor manera  ahora que nos dirigimos a un nuevo año escolar.

La comunidad Sacajawea, y toda la comunidad de Caldwell, se les ha dado una gran oportunidad para crecer y crear un futuro exitoso mediante la conexión de nuestros estudiantes y sus familias con los recursos que necesitan para tener éxito.

No podemos hacer esto solos. Si está interesado en ser voluntario, participar en clases, o necesita estar conectado a los recursos para sus hijos o familia, por favor háganoslo saber.  

Si tiene alguna pregunta o comentario o si desea más información, póngase en contacto con nosotros.
Sra. Hortensia Hernandez:
Escuela: 208-455-3333 ext. 1439 o 208-577-0616.
Correo Electrónico

Por favor visite a la Señora Hortensia en su cuarto de comunidad ubicado en la escuela.

Hortensia y la comunidad  en Sacajawea esperamos trabajar con ustedes y su familia.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Solar Eclipse Viewing Project

On Aug. 21st, 2017, a total solar eclipse will happen. At Sacajawea Elementary the students and staff will be able to see about 90% coverage of the sun. To view the eclipse safely, all students and staff will need solar eclipse glasses. This Donor's Choose project will allow the glasses to be funded. Please help our students experience this unique event. Any donations received by June 9th will receive an automatic matching donation up to $50 if LIFTOFF is placed in the promo code location at checkout. Thanks for any help we can get!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mrs. Hoilien - Sacajawea's Teacher of The Year - 2016-2017

We had the pleasure to honor our Sacajawea teacher of the year during our 4th quarter honors assembly.  This has become a special tradition at Sacajawea, to honor our teacher of the year in front of their students and their colleagues.  Mrs. Hoilien was nominated for teacher of the year by several different colleagues.  Several of Mrs. Hoilien's family members were able to surprise her and participate in honoring her.
4 Generations of Mrs. Hoilien's Family (Sorry, you got squeezed off the edge of the picture, Claire)

Here are some of the specific comments that her colleagues made about her:
  • She is wholeheartedly committed to student learning. She has a no-excuses attitude towards learning and achievement. “We will figure this out.”
  • As a teacher, she exemplifies the school pledge. She respects others, helps students solve problems, and steers them in the right direction to make good decisions. 
  • She loves her students and keeps her sense of humor. I look up to her and hope to teach as well as her someday. 
  • You are a true professional in this demanding field. Your leadership is spot-on and your thoughtfulness is even better. 
  • Her kids read a ton, as evidenced by the number of her students who got more than 200% of their AR goal in quarter 4. Her kids have passed 3193 AR quizzes with 90.4% correct and they have averaged about 43 minutes per day of reading practice.
Mrs. Hoilien is a Teaching Leader:

  • Pam does not seek the spotlight but makes things happen behind the scenes. She helps her students, her grade level, and the whole school.
  • She has mentored new teachers to the school or to their grade level, helping them navigate through their first year.
  • Pam has a "can do" attitude.  She is kind and willing to help whenever she can.  
  • She is always willing to lend a hand or simply listen.  
  • She volunteers beyond teaching. Pam, thank you for all the work you do with the PTO and the example of kindness and appreciation you show each day.  She went the extra mile helping with the carnival!  
Character and Attitude:
  • Pam Hoilien epitomizes the Skyhawk code - or pledge.
  • She is always respectful in her interactions with others and shows them such kindness and compassion. 
  • You always come to school with a smile and greet everyone you see.  You show the same concern and kindness to your students, as I watch you interact with them in the halls.
  • Has a bright and cheerful smile.  You are encouraging and thoughtful.  
  • You know just when to interject a bit of humor
  • Your presence graces us.  You have a smile on your face and always a kind word to say. 

Some Comments From Her Students:

  • If we don’t understand something she doesn’t get mad.  She helps us figure it out.
  • When we’re goofing off, she asks us to work.  She doesn’t let us waste time.
  • I read to Mrs. Hoilien and that helps me get better at reading.
  • She pushes us to get smarter.
  • She helps us read a lot.

Mrs. Hoilien, you demonstrate what we aspire to be, as teachers.  It is an honor to get to work beside you.

Thanks for making Sacajawea a great place to learn.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Q4 Awards Assembly

Accelerated Reader Awards

Character Awards

Academic Awards

Skyhawk Trail Awards

Perfect Attendance Awards