Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Opera Idaho Comes to Sacajawea

Third and fourth-grade students at Sacajawea got a rare and special experience when Opera Idaho performed for them. They performed the famous opera "The Magic Flute" by Mozart. The students sat transfixed as they watched the story of Tamino, a prince who must undergo a series of tests in order to marry the princess Pamina, unfold before them. They got a special surprise when they discovered that a few of their classmates had parts in the Opera too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Show Your School Spirit and Order a Shirt Today

This is the design on the shirt. It will be refined by the designer.
We are now taking orders for Sacajawea school shirts.
The students are not required to buy them, but they do follow our dress code.
Order forms for the shirts went home earlier this week. More forms are available in the office.
Shirts are $11 (extended sizes are more) and they come in different sizes and colors.
All money is due by October 23 and can be paid to the office.

Youth Colors

Adult Colors

Parent-Teacher Conferences October 21-October 23

Can you believe that it is already October and time for Parent-Teacher Conferences?! This quarter has flown by and the students have been working so hard on their school work. We are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's learning. If you need to reschedule your conference please call the office so we can find a time that is more convenient for you. See you next week!

Why Is Math Taught So Differently Today?

We often get questions from parents about why we teach math differently than they used to ("Back when we were kids").  If it was good enough for me, why isn't it good enough for them? That is a great question.

This guy does a great job explaining this, comparing the standard multiplication algorithm to a couple of modern methods.  The standard algorithm is often a little more efficient and it does work consistently.  However, it really just is a matter of following directions (the steps) and doesn't help students build an understanding of the math.

What I saw when I worked with middle school students was that those students who had been great at the standard algorithm in elementary school but didn't really understand what was going on with the math began to fall apart when it came to more complex thinking and problem solving in middle school math.  We want our kids to really understand the math to build a foundation for success later on.  Once they understand it then they can choose to use a more efficient method for calculating a correct answer.

Why is Math Different Now from raj shah on Vimeo.

We expect that many more of our current students will go beyond the levels of math that were required for us when we were kids.  Many of the best-paying jobs in their future look like they will  require a higher level of math skill than we had when we were kids.

Thanks to Mrs. Knowlton for the tip on this video.