Thursday, May 8, 2014

SAC Student Council Scholarship Award

On Tuesday, May 6t, the Sacajawea Student Council attended the Caldwell High School Scholarship Assembly.  The Student Council was in attendance in order to present a scholarship to a Sacajawea Alumni.

Throughout the year, students have been selling jerky at lunch, and selling pencils through a pencil dispenser in the cafeteria, in order to earn money for this scholarship.  Through these efforts, they were able to present a $250 to Calley Ames.  Calley is an alumni of Sacajawea, and was selected by the student leadership team (President, Vice President, and Secretary) from a number of applicants.

The Student Council stood proudly on the CHS stage in front of the entire junior and senior class, as Callie Mae White gave a short speech to announce the recipient.  This was a fabulous experience for the students, and they received a warm welcome from the audience.  We are very proud of all of them and thankful they had this exciting opportunity.