Sunday, May 29, 2016

Friend of Education Award

Each year Caldwell Education Association Members, in their school buildings, nominate and select a Friend of Education. These folks are volunteers, who devote much to their schools. and or the education community as a whole, and have made an impact in some way. They are then able to be sent forward, from their local to the region and the state level, to be further recognized and finally could achieve national honors.
Sacajawea had two honorees this year, who have greatly contributed to the PTO, helped with our carnival, volunteered in classrooms, popped popcorn and put in countless other hours behind the scenes to do great things for the benefit of our school community. We are very pleased to have honored Kelly Harper and Esmeralda Fine for all that they have done this year!

End of the Year Awards Assembly

Character Awards

Academic Awards

Perfect Attendance Award

Skyhawk Trail Awards

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Talent Abounds at Sac

Sacajawea students and staff celebrated the end of the year with a fantastic talent show. Thanks to Miss Chavarria's hard work and guidance students had a chance to show off their special talents. A great time was had by all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

KInder Students Get a Taste of 1st Grade

Mrs. Campbell's Kindergarten class came to visit Mrs. Saunders' class to see what next year will be like. Mrs. Campbell read the students a story. After that, Mrs. Saunders' class read stories to the Kindergarten students. Both sets of students enjoyed popsicles.

First Grade Sight Word Fun

Mrs. Saunders' class celebrated knowing all 150 sight words! Each student was responsible for writing 7 sight words. After the task was completed, Mrs. Saunders, her class, Mr. T and Mr. Attebery went outside to put the sight words on the wall outside. They then read a word and threw a water balloon at the word. They had a lot of fun! They are ready for second grade!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Field Day at SAC Today

Thanks to Mr. Thomas for organizing our annual field day and to all the staff and volunteers who are spending their day in the sun, helping our kids have a good time.


More photos from Field Day at:

A Few Guys Needed Today 3:45 - Stage Setup

We need help from 3 or 4 strong guys to setup our stage and risers for our awards assembly and kindergarten graduation.  Please call or email if you can help today (5/24) at 3:45 (right after school).  The stage parts are pretty heavy, so we will need a few strong people to help.

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Sticky Situation for a Good Cause

This spring the Student Council organized a fundraiser to raise money for Sacajawea's scholarship fund. The class who raised the most money would have the opportunity to play a special trick on the teacher of their choice. Mrs. Hurd's 2nd graders raised the most money, earning $88. They chose to duct tape Mr. Webster to the wall. The total amount of money raised was $400 and the scholarship was awarded to high school senior and former Sac alumni, Amanda Escobar.