Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Students Recognized for Informal Leadership

Each year I get to recognize a small group of students before the Caldwell School District Board of Trustees. I always want to choose carefully to choose students who represent some of the most important things we are working on as a school. This week I got that opportunity and I am proud to tell you about these 8 great kids.

These kids have demonstrated character and leadership through informal roles they have taken up before, during, and after school.

This year, we have emphasized the development of character more than ever. We always say, “We are Skyhawks and we show respect, solve problems, and make good decisions.” However, this year, we have added layers to that to learn about some specific character traits that will lead to success, both in school and in life. The traits we emphasize include self-control, integrity, gratitude, ambition, curiosity, and grit, among others.

We do have formal student leadership programs, such as student council. Those are wonderful programs and include fantastic kids I am also very proud of. The students we chose to take to the school board, however, have taken up informal leadership around the school. The were not voted in by their classmates. They didn’t ask to be recognized. In fact, they seemed surprised that anyone noticed what they were doing. They simply do the right thing and step up as leaders. These are the kind of students we want and these are the kind of citizens we want in our community.

Informal Student Leaders Recognized: Angel Juarez, Jose Ruiz, Manuel Ibarra, Maria Lechuga, Yaira Ferrusca, Angelica Gayton, Elissa Warner, Christian Diaz

Below are some of the reasons these students were chosen. Most of these comments come directly from teachers and other adults that these kids work with.

Before School:
  • Helping to set up and prepare materials in Kinder and 1st grade classrooms. 
  • Delivering a huge pile of newspapers every day. 
During the day:
  • Volunteering to help in Kindergarten PE and music. They demonstrate well and helps with set-up of equipment. 
  • Serving as a positive role model to younger kids in kindergarten PE and Music. 
  • Guiding small groups of younger kids as they do activities in those classes. 
After School:
  • Role models and leaders in 21st Century after school program: 
  • Leading younger kids in crafts and activities in 21st Century after school program. 
  • Showing attributes of strong leadership 
  • They are unafraid of challenges (or at least they act like it). 
  • She really helps build team spirit and can be seen encouraging students even when adults aren’t watching. 
  • She chose to publicly recognize a student who had made a lot of growth behaviorally. 
  • She/He can be seen encouraging students, even when no adults are watching. 
  • He/She is willing to help with homework if a student is having a problem. 
  • He/she sets high standards for work ethic during homework, reading, crafts and P16 recreation time. 
  • They are willing and able to help out any younger student at their snack tables by finding positive ways to redirect their behavior. 
  • They are great at complimenting kids when they use manners. 

We are so proud of all of our Skyhawks. Thanks to these kids for quietly taking up leadership and doing the right thing.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Reading Night Fun

Thank you to all the families who joined us for our 2nd annual Dr. Seuss Reading Night. We had a great night of reading games, stories, hot chocolate, and cookies. It was wonderful to see the children excited to pick out a new book and share their love of reading with their families.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Shirts On Sale Again

If you missed the first round of shirt orders here is your chance to get a great Sacajawea shirt to wear on Spirit Days!

  • Order forms are in the office
  • Orders due by March 17
  • Once orders are turned in to the shirt company it takes about 10-14 days for the shirts to come in

4th graders voted today! Did you?

Fourth-grade reading workshop students have been learning about the presidential candidate process and analyzing what each candidate represents. Today, they had the option to use newsela.com to vote for their favorite candidate and see how their opinions aligned with the rest of the State's kid voters!

Seuss Spirit Week

Sac has spirit, yes we do!!!

This week, students dressed up to themes related to Dr. Seuss books. Each class was working toward earning popcorn as a prize. Thanks to PTO, the top 3 placing classes received FREE popcorn!

1st Place - Mrs. Olsen's Class - 87%
2nd Place - Mrs. Stocks' Class - 81%
3rd Place - A close call went as a "tie" to Miss Durkin's Class - 76% and Mrs. Piper's AM Kindergarten - 75%

Thank you to all of the parents who helped the kiddos gather dress up items, the students for showing their spirit, teachers for joining in on the fun, and to PTO for all the delicious popcorn!

Friday, March 4, 2016

We Need You! - Carnival

We need you!!!!

P.T.O. is looking for volunteers for our school carnival on April 22nd.
The next planning meeting is March 7 at 6pm at Sacajawea.  

Please contact Sherman Warner if you would like to join us for this adventure or have questions!
Contact Information:  Sherman Warner

Want to volunteer at Sacajawea?
Go to: bit.ly/sacvolunteer

Los Necesitamos!!!!

P.T.O. está necesitando voluntarios para el carnaval de la escuela que es el 22 de Abril.
La siguiente junta para planear las actividades es el 7 de marzo a las 6pm en la escuela Sacajawea.

Favor de contactar a Sherman Warner si le gustaría unirse con nosotros para disfrutar de esta aventura o si tiene alguna pregunta!
Sherman Warner

Quiere voluntar en la Escuela Sacajawea?
Visitar: bit.ly/sacvolunteer

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Friday-Oh the Places You'll Go

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Think about your future. What college are you going to? Will you join the military? What career would you love to have?

You can wear a college shirt, a military shirt, a pin, badge, or symbol of something that represents your future career. No professional sports jerseys but you can wear a jersey from a college.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

STEM Challenge

STEM recently had their quarterly STEM challenge. They watched the 1933 version of The Three Little Pigs. The strategies of the three engineers were analyzed as to why the third house was a better design.

  • Students had to take 20 3"x 5" cards and a 6" strip of masking tape to design a house that could withstand the wolf (a hand fan). 
  • They brainstormed individual ideas, recorded what they knew about the task, and each pair came up with a common design. 
  • They built it and the wolf came. 
  • If after 10 fans the house was still on the table, not tipped over and enclosed, the pigs lived.
  • If the house fell off the cliff (the table), turned over, or lost shingles and siding exposing the interior of the house, the pigs were wolf chow. 
Some teams realized that if they used some of the cards to weight the bottom, it made the house more stable and it wasn't moved by the wolf's efforts.

Thursday-Cat in The Hat

Cat in the Hat Day

Crazy hats, silly hats, pretty hats, funny hats, homemade hats!

Hats, Hats, Hats-Wear one and help your class earn participation points

Reading Night is Tomorrow!! 6:30-6:55 and 7:00-7:25

Come meet the Cat in the Hat, listen to stories, and play reading games. We will be serving cookies and hot chocolate. All children will receive a bookmark and a free book.

We are also taking shirt orders again. We will have a table set up in the front of the school.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wednesday-Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday

Let's see how WACKY you can make your hair!!

Don't forget Reading Night is Thursday, March 3. We have 2 sessions. The first one starts at 6:30 and the second one starts at 6:55.