Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mrs. Hoilien - Sacajawea's Teacher of The Year - 2016-2017

We had the pleasure to honor our Sacajawea teacher of the year during our 4th quarter honors assembly.  This has become a special tradition at Sacajawea, to honor our teacher of the year in front of their students and their colleagues.  Mrs. Hoilien was nominated for teacher of the year by several different colleagues.  Several of Mrs. Hoilien's family members were able to surprise her and participate in honoring her.
4 Generations of Mrs. Hoilien's Family (Sorry, you got squeezed off the edge of the picture, Claire)

Here are some of the specific comments that her colleagues made about her:
  • She is wholeheartedly committed to student learning. She has a no-excuses attitude towards learning and achievement. “We will figure this out.”
  • As a teacher, she exemplifies the school pledge. She respects others, helps students solve problems, and steers them in the right direction to make good decisions. 
  • She loves her students and keeps her sense of humor. I look up to her and hope to teach as well as her someday. 
  • You are a true professional in this demanding field. Your leadership is spot-on and your thoughtfulness is even better. 
  • Her kids read a ton, as evidenced by the number of her students who got more than 200% of their AR goal in quarter 4. Her kids have passed 3193 AR quizzes with 90.4% correct and they have averaged about 43 minutes per day of reading practice.
Mrs. Hoilien is a Teaching Leader:

  • Pam does not seek the spotlight but makes things happen behind the scenes. She helps her students, her grade level, and the whole school.
  • She has mentored new teachers to the school or to their grade level, helping them navigate through their first year.
  • Pam has a "can do" attitude.  She is kind and willing to help whenever she can.  
  • She is always willing to lend a hand or simply listen.  
  • She volunteers beyond teaching. Pam, thank you for all the work you do with the PTO and the example of kindness and appreciation you show each day.  She went the extra mile helping with the carnival!  
Character and Attitude:
  • Pam Hoilien epitomizes the Skyhawk code - or pledge.
  • She is always respectful in her interactions with others and shows them such kindness and compassion. 
  • You always come to school with a smile and greet everyone you see.  You show the same concern and kindness to your students, as I watch you interact with them in the halls.
  • Has a bright and cheerful smile.  You are encouraging and thoughtful.  
  • You know just when to interject a bit of humor
  • Your presence graces us.  You have a smile on your face and always a kind word to say. 

Some Comments From Her Students:

  • If we don’t understand something she doesn’t get mad.  She helps us figure it out.
  • When we’re goofing off, she asks us to work.  She doesn’t let us waste time.
  • I read to Mrs. Hoilien and that helps me get better at reading.
  • She pushes us to get smarter.
  • She helps us read a lot.

Mrs. Hoilien, you demonstrate what we aspire to be, as teachers.  It is an honor to get to work beside you.

Thanks for making Sacajawea a great place to learn.