Monday, September 11, 2017

Dress Up Day Tomorrow vs Picture Day (I'm Sorry)


Parents -

I want to apologize for a scheduling mistake I made.  I realized today that I scheduled a spirit dress-up day on school picture day.  Tomorrow is "Favorite Book Character Dress-up Day" and it is also school picture day.  While school pics as a Dr. Seuss character or as Harry Potter might be hilarious for Facebook, they might not be what you are hoping to hang on your living room wall or on your fridge.

So, if you aren't buying pictures and don't mind what they look like, send them as Junie B Jones or another book character.  If you really want great pics for your family, then ask them not to dress up.  If they are really disappointed about missing out on their character, they could come as their character on Wednesday instead of dressing like a teacher or principal.

If pictures turn out badly, retakes are on November 9th.

Please accept my apology if this causes any conflict between you and your kids.

I'm sorry.
Mr. Webster